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You can host your website on an old server in your cousins basement, but we doubt he’ll guarantee you 24 hour support and polite phone skills. MidPhase hosting distinguishes itself from competitors with its focus on customer service and support. They service more than 120,000 customers around the world for 1,000,000+ domains. With a focus on affordable and reliable hosting, this little web gem has earned great customer loyalty. Pick up a few MidPhase promo codes and coupons and get your site hosted with them, you won’t be sorry you did.


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$2.95 for Personal Hosting

Get personal hosting with one free domain, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited storage for $2.95 a month when you book hosting for 3 years. Which is how long you want anyways.... more ››

  • February 16, 2013




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How to Choose Good Hosting

What do you need to look for when choosing a hosting provider? You need reliability, speed, customer support, and affordable pricing.


We’ve been burned by bad hosting companies in that past that promised they were the cheapest in the sphere, only to soon find ourselves punching the keyboard and getting a little snappy with their customer support. We saved some money on the hosting, but was it really worth is having the site down every couple weeks and losing that revenue? I don’t think so. That’s why reliability is the number one stunner. Find the most reliable hosts first, and then sort your Excel list based on the next features.


Secondly, you want speed. If you want visitors to stay on your site, you’ll need fast hosting. Do you want to rank in Google search? Site speed is a factor, and if your hosting company can’t figure out how to help you, then that’s where you need help.


Third, most website owners are business owners and want to run their business online, not troubleshoot hosting problems. That’s why fast, knowledgeable customer support is super crucial and should be a focus.


Lastly, affordable pricing. This should be last after you identify the first three attributes of a good host. Trust me, you do not want to start with price and go from there. Instead of $1 hosting, why not pay for $10-15 hosting and get guaranteed support and reliability. It’s an investment worth making. For about $10 a month you will get to host unlimited sites on your hosting accounts. So that genius social network for dogs site you’re going to build can be hosting along with ten of your other best (and maybe more profitable) ideas.


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Why MidPhase is Better than Most

Does MidPhase hosting hit the above points? I believe they do. Like good data scientists, if we look at the numbers we see the following:

  • Reliability – 99.9% Uptime
  • Speed – Like a rabbit
  • Customer Support – Toll-free 24/7 Human Being Support
  • Pricing – Starts at $2.95/mo. for personal, $7.95/mo for business.
  • + Cherries on Top – Free domain with MidPhase hosting purchase, WordPress support on all hosting

Why go with a small guy, and not a big guy like HostGator? Because they’re more attentive to your first world problems. MidPhase hosting is a boutique host, but they’ve been around since 2003, which is about 100 years internet time, so they have the touch of a small outfit and the experience and scale of a much larger operation.


5 Reasons Choosing Hosting Sucks

1. Hosting companies are just like every other company, they toot their own horn and only give you the stats that work for them. They’ll give you a whole list of features that they have and chalk up the competitors that don’t


2. There are not many good hosting review sites – there are some hosting review sites, but a lot of them just do basic comparisons, and consumer reports don’t really cover this corner of the world.


3. Too many technical terms – if you understand the lingo like we do, great :). Your average small business owner has a trouble getting through the rubbish and the real stuff, and hosting companies listing all their technical prowess don’t help.


4. Hosting is boring – without hosting, your website has no home and will just roam the streets and probably get hurt, so it is a requirement. It’s not as sexy as marketing your site and getting paid, but it is still important. Get past the fact that it’s a necessary task for your business.


5. There are too many options – Hosting has become something of a commodity. That’s why good companies can differentiate is with their customer service.


The Stamp of Approval for MidPhase

Now the above points are the harsh truth and a bit pessimistic. But we mention them to show compassion with fellow hosting seekers, not to discourage. We can give our stamp of approval to MidPhase hosting, and we really do encourage you to use one of our MidPhase coupon codes above, check out their packages, and move on with your business.