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Brooklyn music hipsters and Brooklyn music hipster wannabes everywhere know that ProAudioStar is the go to retail outfit to stock up on quality audio and DJ gear you need to produce you next album, or put on an underground show. We've assembled the best ProAudioStar discount codes to help you save a bundle on your next purchase. We only ask that you give us a shout out in your first song.


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Brooklyn’s ProAudioStar is #1 Musician’s Choice

There's a reason musicians love ProAudioStar - because they speak their language. Us the ProAudioStar link above to check out their latest gears and ProAudioStar discounts. They have awesome Smokin' D... more ››

  • May 9, 2013



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ProAudioStar FREE SHIPPING Discount Code

Get free shipping on thousands of items at Brooklyn's finest ProAudioStar. These audio junkies and DJ gearheads have tons and tons of high quality, professional audio gear and DJ supplies to keep you ... more ››

  • May 9, 2013




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ProAudioStar Means Audio Gearheads


These guys know what they’re doing, they have all the sickest audio and DJ gear and they are absolutely meticulous and detailed about their support and the inventory they carry. They have it all laid out for you in a fast, flashy fashion on their site making it easy for you to find all the products you want right away. These guys are self-admitted gearheads, and you can tell by the obsession they have with different instruments and performers that use their gear as they write up about it on the ProAudioStar blog. The feature old guys, new guys, anyone from anywhere that’s doing something cool with their gear – which we can dig.


High End, Professional Music Gear


What separates these guys from, say Amazon or Best Buy, is that ProAudioStar is serious about its music gear. They have advanced gear for amateur to advanced musicians and DJ’s, and only the guys at ProAudioStar could really tell you what’s better than what. We’re just here to drop you a ProAudioStar discount code or two and promote them as a high quality merchant that we love.


Make sure you check out their Smokin’ Deals page, this is kind of like a flash sale page, kind of like a clearance page. If you see something on there you want, make sure you snatch it up right away before it’s too late. Combine one of our ProAudioStar coupon codes with an item on the Smokin’ Deals page and you’re in for a treat. Now when you’re done shopping, please promise us that you’ll actually start making some good music. Hell, we’ll even listen to your demo tape!


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Thanks for checking out our ProAudioStar deals and reading a bit of background on the company, good luck with your search for top quality musician tools!