How to Make Money Writing Online with Textbroker

June 19, 2013Online Tips


The secret to making more money writing online with Textbroker is to take a note out of Henry Ford’s notebook and make it an assembly line. The opportunities to make $20 or more an hour writing online for Textbroker might not come as often as you’d like, but when they are there you must pounce on them. Recently I saw a huge amount of available Open Orders in Textbroker writing for a sports website. One of the common scalability issues writers face when writing for Textbroker clients is that each client has a particular set of rules. If you get paid an average of $4 for a 400 word article, and this is on the low end, how do you make $20 an hour? By choosing large batch projects.

Again, these might not be available at all times, but when you’re cruising the Open Orders section, look for consistencies of title structures among orders in a certain category. Follow this method to write quickly, accurately, and profitably:

1. If there are 20 orders in the sports category with similar structured titles such as “New York Football Stadiums”, “San Diego Football Stadiums”, “Chicago Football Stadiums”, that’s the gold standard.

2. Pick up a few of these orders and write well according to the clients directions.

3. Hopefully the client will give you feedback quickly or you can message the client to solicit some.

4. Once you understand exactly what the client wants, you can pump these out.

5. Streamline your research process and find a few aggregate data websites that allow you to quickly get the data for each order you’re writing at the same time.

6. If you’re writing 20 articles on football stadiums, pull down all the data for all the stadiums at one time from your research websites, dump them into an Excel document, and work off of this for the remainder.

7. It’s important early on to understand exactly what the client wants; you don’t want to pump out 20 articles only to have the client tell you what you did wrong on all of them.

Happy writing, and let us know if you have any other tips for making money writing online with Textbroker!


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